Your vote counts

Or so they would like us to believe. Well today I registered for our up coming election. I never even bothered to register with the last round of voting, as I felt it was pointless. But I will be honest… With the way things are being shaken up around here by the minor parties, things are starting to look good. People are tired of being fed lies and empty promises. I was briefly watching a political debate on TV and the dominating party had the audacity to say that all these minor parties standing points are the exact same as what they’ve had for years. That’s all good and well seeing as it’s simple things us the public are asking from them but have they fulfilled their promises?

Now I’m not expecting the elections to be a land slide in favor of the minor parties but I do hope the dominating party gets a little scare.

Anyway back to the art. I’ve been working on this design on and off for the past few days. It’s coming along nicely even if it is as snail turbo speed.


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