Things have been quiet around here…

Well my blog anyway. Hehe…

Seems like I’ve slumped back in to a rut of not updating this thing. Well I have been busy with some projects lately so I do have news to tell. I’ve also been experimenting with Open Source design software lately and I must tell you that they are indeed setting a benchmark. I’m still trying to find my way around them (Trying my hand at Gimp, Inkscape and Blender) but once I have an understanding of how they work I can easily foresee using them more on a regular basis.

I know inkscape isn’t really set up for print design but I’m sure with a little research I could track down some plug-in to make sure it will manage that. I’m actually quite excited to try these out. I generally love tinkering with gadgets so having to play around with software that’s designed to be rebelious against mainstream design kinda makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

In other news I am busy with a few website projects so at least my online portfolio will have some additions to it pertaining to the world wide web.

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