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Well it has been quite some time since my last update on this blog. I have figured out what is causing the problem in my timing of the updates though… I keep promising to keep the blog up to date. No more I say! I promise nothing now. Hahaha…

Anyway let me say what I’ve been up to lately. I started up an indie t-shirt brand with a buddy of mine recently. We’re looking to put the art back in to t-shirts. I’ve had it up to here (yes…there) with an over-saturated market with over-priced t-shirts that don’t even qualify as art any more. We only have a handful of designs running at the moment but that was just to get our toes wet in the “clothing industry” so to say. We do the printing ourselves and I have to say that we’re doing one hell-of-a-job for two guys that are practically self-taught in silk screening. But with our adventure in to silk screening lately we have stumbled across so many hiccups in the industry thus far. We have so many ideas in the pipeline that is going to shake the foundations of the silk screen industry. Never mind the ideas we have for our clothing line as well. That’s one thing you will come to realise about the brand. If we do something… We do it right.

On the art side of the brand I am super excited to flex my illustrating abilities on the brand. I can finally work on designs that suit my taste. But this also allows me to experiment more with the types of illustrations the brand will orientate it’s self with.

Furos | El Diablo Tee

Furos | El Diablo Tee

Been shopping around for a new tablet and was told about this site that offers Wacom tablets at affordable prices. And I mean really affordable. I bought my Genius MousePen set-up for more than what the Wacom Bamboo is on offer for, and the quality of the Wacom is beyond Genius’ (Haha… See what I did there?). So in the next few months I’m looking to put together a nice little savings fund to help me gain a new Wacom. Any sponsorships or donations are welcomed… Just putting it out there.

Until I acquire my fancy new tablet I will be trying my hand at traditional inking methods. This being India Ink and brushes. I bought a little ‘Starter’ kit the other day consisting of a small bottle of Winsor & Newton India Ink, #1 #3 #6 Brushes and an awesome A4 Sketchpad. I’ve never really tried this type of inking before and it has been a few years since the last time I wielded a paint brush. So now I have to read up on the techniques used for inking and just keep practising I guess. Keep with the whole ’self taught’ situation hey. Hahaha.

This skull sketch was my first attempt at inking with the brushes. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome even though there is still a long way to go in my line definition and quality. Like I said it has been awhile since I’ve used a paint brush so I really need to get back in to that frame of mind. By that I mean I need to stop using my wrist and use my entire arm to create the lines. I’ve uploaded a little sketch of rough line practice. I have a feeling I will have quite a few of these lying around my desk in a short period of time. Have to practice using my arm more! Lock that wrist people!

Practice practice...practice

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